Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Oil Cleansing Method

It's my opinion that no chemical cosmetic product can reverse or slow down signs of ageing. What is important is what you put into your body. The only way to keep your skin in the best possible condition is to eat a nutritious organic diet as close to the diet nature intended for us as possible. Oh and not drink to excess or smoke and get enough sleep.

To spend your hard earned money on miracle creams is a complete & total waste in my opinion. In fact not only a complete waste but actively bad for you. The average person has no real understanding of what is used to make these chemical cosmetics, such as chemicals linked to cancer, reduced fertility levels, behavioural problems and asthma. The only people benefiting when you purchase these items are the companies who own the brands. The only thing you are doing when you buy them is making the wealthy wealthier, being a slave to consumerism believing you need things that benefit you in no way.

The only product I use on my face is olive oil. I use the Oil Cleansing Method, which basically means covering your face with Olive Oil, and using a damp hot but not scalding flannel to wipe the oil away. The process should be repeated two or three times until your face is completely clean. Your skin will thank you and will feel wonderful. I also use olive oil as a moisturiser as I have naturally quite dry skin.

Just give it a go and please let's stop (or at least really cut down) our purchasing of chemical cosmetics that pollute us and our universe just because advertising told you you need them to be beautiful.You don't, I promise.

(I do use some chemical make up products such as mascara, eye liner and concealer but I try to keep the contents of my make up bag to a minimum. I intend to look into finding more natural replacements in the future. If you know of any good alternatives available in UK please do let me know. I am just doing my best to cut down to a bare minimum unnecessary, unnatural & harmful products)

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