Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Food Inc.

If you are interested in what goes into much of the food we eat I strongly recommend you watch Food Inc.

I think it's a crime that utter rubbish is cheaper to buy than real honest, organic, healthy, in season, local produce. We don't have a lot of money but I think if you educate yourself on the topic enough and are willing to invest time in cooking you can improve your diet drastically without it costing a fortune. I have no solution to the price of free range and organic meat other than to consider that we don't need to eat as much meat as we do. One thing I intend to start doing its to bulk meals out more with beans, pulses and cheaper vegetables, having less but better quality meat that hasn't been pumped with chemicals, kept in appalling conditions and been fed an unnatural GMO diet.  

  • I try to buy organic as much as I can afford. 
  • I am striving to avoid refined wheat and sugar products as much as possible. 
  • I cook for my family at least five days a week, more often six. Once a week we get a takeout. I'm just a normal girl, I'll never be perfect and enjoy a break from cooking on a Friday night for a curry! But saying that i keep it as healthy as poss - Just my choice of curry & a veg rice. Sometimes potato and spinach as an extra. 
  • I avoid ready meals in any form like the plague. I'd rather give Jess an omelette, boiled egg, even a sandwich on days where we have less time. I truly believe there are so many alternatives that can be cooked from scratch so quickly that there is no excuse to be eating evil ready meals ever. If we weren't buying ready meals the companies would stop making them. Like it says in the documentary every time you pick an item off the supermarket shelf you are casting a vote.I also recommend cooking some meals on a Sunday to freeze for the week, if you are really pushed for time in the week. 
  • As one of my new years resolutions Jess and I are baking a cake every weekend. We couldn't live without some sugar and treats but at least this way I can know what is going in rather than a list of ingredients as long as my arm that I can barely understand. It doesn't have to cost a fortune to buy all the ingredients you need. We don't make anything too elaborate, just things like chocolate loaf cake or a lemon drizzle loaf cake. If you buy a large bag of organic flour and sugar and have these in the cupboard they will last you a long time.  

I truly believe that these food companies make it as hard as possible for us to really know what goes into our food because if we knew more we would not want to eat them anymore. When harm is being done inside our bodies it's easier to ignore as we cannot see the damage.

Watch Food Inc here:


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