Thursday, 19 April 2012


Jessica's old lunch box died last week (the zip broke beyond repair) so we decided on this one from amazon. It arrived today and Jessica loved decorating it with the dishwasher safe stickers it came with. We both really love it... Jess because she got to decorate it with stickers and it looks cute, me because it means no more tin foil, clingfilm and plastic tubs that lose their lids. I love all the separate compartments and the fact that it's big enough to fit larger items in. It was expensive for a lunchbox but I've tried other compartment style lunchboxes and found that they didn't have room for larger items or even small baby size yoghurts. I don't know about you but when I was school the standard lunchbox seemed to be comprised of sandwich, crisps, apple/banana, chocolate bar. As far as I'm concerned those days are over as we are now more health aware and conscious. This lunchbox is perfect for a more healthy & varied lunch for your little one. I wasn't disappointed when It arrived as it seems to be sturdy and the lid keeps all the compartments separate. I'm hoping it will last well and prove to be a good investment. 

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Beefburger, organic apple rice cakes, banana, yoghurt, strawberries, fruit rolls (apple & blackcurrant equivalent of a fig roll).

I'd like to make these lunchbox posts a regular feature on my blog. Please feel free to join in (by leaving a link in the comments section etc) so we can inspire and encourage each other. It's always good to get new ideas from other mummy's.

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