Monday, 2 April 2012

Easter Holidays (day 1)

So far this year my little girl has been a pretty busy little girl. Her Daddy likes to be busy all of the time, whilst at heart I am quite a home girl, who is happy spending days pottering around at home and in the garden. What this means is that we do end up doing rather a lot (we've been to Monkey forest, Brussels, up to Stafford twice, a funfair, Wembley Arena for a CBeebies live show... and it's only just April!). I'm glad we do these  lovely things and that I am encouraged to do more than I probably would do if left to my own devices, but I've decided a nice homely & low cost kind of Easter break will be nice for me and my girl. The only trip we have planned is one to Willows Farm (child goes free voucher), and perhaps one day out with Daddy on Easter Friday or Monday, along with a couple of play dates with some of Jessica's friends from nursery.

We had a look around the house today to evaluate what kind of supplies we have for activities at home and, seriously, we found a lot of stuff! I've decided we're not purchasing any more supplies until every single paint, sequin, pompom, bead, glue stick, colouring book, piece of play-doh etc in the whole house have been used up!

Today we decided on painting. We had some old canvases that a friend no longer wanted & had given them to us for Jess to paint and some pots of finger paints that were a gift to Jess from one of my Aunties.

Sometimes it's just the simple things in life that make us happy....

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