Monday, 26 March 2012

Busy Bee

Hello! Sorry for the lack of posts this past week. I've been soo busy. We were away again at the weekend in Staffordshire as the mister and his sister were doing the Stafford Half Marathon.

The last couple of weeks, any spare time I've had I've been working on a project in the garden. We had this massive bed / border that was a total mess and impossible to maintain with all the weeds, so we decided to dig it all over and grass seed the area. This is my progress so far, and when I say "my" progress, I mean that I've done it all single handedly and let me tell you it's been a tough job. I almost wished I hadn't started it. Today I spent three solid hours digging and raking and my body aches! Here's some before and after snaps:


And After!

Now all I have to do is seed the whole area and pray that it grows. I truly haven't stopped for days. Pooped doesn't begin to cover it!! Now I'm off to make myself a herbal tea & sit down with a magazine and do nothing else for the rest of the evening.

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