Monday, 23 June 2014

My Dark Side


I would be nothing without my dark side. My rage, when used lovingly is one of the most effective tools that I have in my toolbox. Besides anger there is my greed-my vast lusty greediness.... I have to mention my lust-my raw outrageous lust, which I would overcome any obstacle to gratify. Why that is my greatest gift of all. My raw lustinesss has led to my sweetest memories-kisses so light, barely tasted, kisses so still and so deep they touched eternity. - Regena Thomashauer

Just as the moon is full at one time, at others it is dark. Just so it is with you. You are lightness and dark.

She is your power  turned back on yourself and those you love. She is your shadow side with lessons to teach you about what you choose to hide away. She calls your deepest soul attention to that which you refuse to shine your light on.

She may terrify you, embarrass you mess up your plans and your carefully done mascara... she emerges when we are tired or overwhelmed. When we have given too much of ourselves away. When we refuse to say no. When people are too much in our space. When we are trying too hard to please others. When we are not being true to ourselves. She emerges when something we value is threatened or when our soul is at risk.

She emerges raging, crying shouting, threatening hands shaking face pale. Her message is true. Her ways of communicating are primitive and threatening. She is a wonderful teacher and will be with you your whole life long, teaching and guiding you.

Lucy H. Pearce

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