Monday, 23 June 2014

A craft a day for summer...

My eldest daughter has always really loved all things arty and crafty - we used to do a lot when she was little -but lately, for numerous reasons (the busy rush of the school week/a year and a half old baby sister/childminding after school means she is often just enjoying the garden with the other children), we have been doing less and less. Something I feel guilty about and I worry that before I know it she will be too grown up to want to do these things anymore and I will regret not having done more to encourage her love of these things. So this summer I plan to make a lot of time for her and I to do an arty/crafty activity in the afternoons, taking advantage of the hour and a half peace whilst her baby sister naps! All of the activities are simple enough to be able to complete in one or two sessions and don't require lots of expensive materials.

Painting Stones

Dried Fruit Ornaments

Fairy garden

Rope stars & hearts

Coloured salt decoration

Painting challenge

Okra Printing

Bird Feeder

Sock Jellyfish

Clothes Peg Mermaids

Painted Horse Shoes

Twig Fairy Wand

Glove Toy                                                

Glove Chicken

Paper Mache

Glove Bunny

Cardboard Weaving

Hula Hoop Rug Weaving

Melted Bead Decorations

Sewing - Simple Lavender Heart

Twig Weaving

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