Wednesday, 16 May 2012


So sorry for the lack of  posting lately. I've been feeling very very tired for some reason and also was taking care of Jessica on my own from Thursday morning until Sunday late afternoon as Daddy went to Brighton to the Great Escape festival. When he came home on Sunday he took us out for dinner.

We had a quite eventful weekend. Our car broke down on Friday and it's going to cost a small fortune to repair, it's very old so probably not worth even spending the money on it.

We made bread, which we have been meaning to do for ages. It didn't taste great I have to admit! But I will persevere!

We came into the lounge to five tiny black kittens on Monday morning! We knew our kitty Misty was pregnant but didn't know when to expect the kittens so were very surprised to walk into the lounge on Monday morning to find she had done it all by herself. She's being a very good kitty mummy so that's good.

We went to see the very gifted Perfume Genius in a little church near Kings Cross on Monday night.
Play me Play me!

This is the garden after all my hard work in March. I'm very pleased with how it's turned out. Now we just need some summer to be able to enjoy it!

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