Saturday, 28 April 2012

Children's Bedooms

Jess is having a very rare afternoon nap after deciding to wake up at 6.30am ON THE WEEKEND!!!!  So now I've got half an hour here's some of my latest pins for my children's bedrooms folder.

We're having a nice quiet weekend here; we watched 'Melancholia' last night and can safely say we won't be watching it ever again! It gets quite a lot of good reviews so we hoped to like it and we're very open minded about watching arty off the wall films but to me this was self indulgent, incredibly slow moving and boring. I couldn't make any relation of the first part (the wedding) to the second part of the film. Don't worry though, things got much better today when I had the most delicious veggie thai green curry at lunch time with Jess & Daddy. It was the best meal I've had in ages. De-Licious! I'll be dreaming about it tonight.

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