Friday, 16 March 2012

iphone Apps for Kids we love

I Write Words

Teaches your child handwriting. We love this app because you can chose lower case or capitals and can do the numbers too. You have to go the right way over the letters and stay within the lines which is useful as it actually teaches the child how to write the letters and how they should look. Only qualm being the American accent, we would love the choice to have the narration with an English accent.


Peppa Pig's Party Time

Chose from decorating the cake, musical chairs, pinata, pass the parcel, making the party bags. My little girl has had a lot of fun playing this app. A great one for keeping them amused in restaurants, on boring train journeys etc.  Definitely worth the money.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox 

"A collection of six educational games for your children". Teaches shapes, odd one out, counting, letters, colours, shape puzzles and an easy level memory game, all which are simple enough for two to three year olds. My daughter has had lots of use from this game, although she's outgrown it now she's three and a half and it's become too easy, she still enjoys playing from time to time. 

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