Thursday, 16 February 2012

Heart Cushion

A little while ago i saw this beautiful cushion in Country Living Magazine and discovered it was by Tobias and The Angel. So off i went to have a look at their website and see if i could get my hands on one, only to discover the price tag of £245!

So I decided to make one for myself and now I understand why it is priced as it is, a lot of hours really did go into stitching all the little hearts by hand.

They have so many beautiful things on their website, it's definitely worth taking a look and dreaming...

I'm going to have to have a try at making one of these strings of hearts, and the prettiest little fishies I ever did see.

Here's a picture of how my heart cushion turned out, I would still like to add the diagonal stitched lines in time to give it a more quilted feel.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Charlotte, I'm your newest follower! I actually like your cushion much better than that other hideously expensive one! The colours are lovely, isn't patchwork fab? xxx



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